Last Day of School: If you want me to write your letter of rec. I don't need your activity list, just email me explaining what kind of school you are looking at (large, small, urban, rural, whatever) and then why do you want me specifically to write this letter. What have I seen in you that you want me to write about? What strengths or whatever do you want me to hit upon? Include any extraneous info that you think might help me out here, or what you want me to avoid.

Week of 6/6/2016
Monday: final options 2016 India overview, pick a position your position is in this folder for hw reading.
Tuesday: debate, debrief is in the folder for hw reading. quiz W on India.
Wednesday: colonial Africa video
Thursday: modern Africa activity final essay for MC option
Friday: time in class to work on final and or your brochure that is due M.

Week of 5/31/2016
Thursday: So sorry that I am out, I got a concussion T and need to stay home. In class silent writing. "Was Paul an 'Ordinary Man?'" Take your position in one paragraph by either saying yes, he was an ordinary man who did extraordinary things OR Paul was no, Paul wasn't ordinary at all because of the choices he made (be very specific) for a full paragraph and then trade papers. Continue the argument made -remember to put your initials by your para, and remember that points are earned by use of evidence. You may look at your books. But time is of the essence, so you aren't going to be spending a lot of time reading or using block quotes or anything. You don't have long block today so you won't get to everyone's paper, just trade with whoever is done with a para when you are. Please write legibly. You can take the pages with you if you need to work on it more, or leave on my desk when you are done. Thanks for being great.

Week of 5/23/2016
Tuesday: common app prompts
Wednesday: I'm out today, please read chapter 5 (my mistake 6!!!). For tomorrow, what is a genocide and does what happened in Rwanda meet the technical terms of Genocide? You will continue to read about this in chs, 7 and 8 and 9 of course but you need to understand what the technical points are. Look at the definition by Lemkin and agreed to by the United Nations. We will discuss when I get back.
Thursday: ch 7
Friday: ch 8 and please look at Memorials around the world for their memorial days Please bring in an image of a memorial that you have seen, online or in person, though in person is best, for class next week. We will talk about commemorating the dead. How does a country commemorate? How can they forgive? Can they? Why do we sometimes forget?

Week of 5/16/2016
Monday: What was the cold war? hw crash course cold war Bring in 3 questions about the Cold War and how it impacted countries other than the US and the USSR...
Tuesday: discuss results of hw above.
go to library and check out An Ordinary Man
Wednesday: hw: CH I
Thursday: hw CH 2
Friday: hw CH 3

Week of 4/25/2016
Monday: get papers back. Continue where we were in WWII
Tuesday: WWII activity
Wednesday: write up
Friday: finish activity and

Week of 4/11/2016
Monday: bring in peer reviewed paper. Exchange and discuss. link to rubric I use for grading final paper
Tuesday: please use classtime to work on paper. Paper due in class W.
Wednesday: Paper DUE.
Thursday: WWII. Anti-climactic really.

Week of 4/4/2016
Monday: how to write an intro and conclusion hw: write intro and conc
Tuesday: hw: work on citing in Turabian format.
Wednesday: facism!hw finish up your rough draft, bring in printed out copy of whatever you have at this point for peer review on F
Friday: bring in your rough draft printed out for peer review! hw: finish peer review of your peer exchange and provide fedback. This is a 20pt assignment. See handout for full guidelines. peer review

Week of 3/28/2016
Monday: Continue work on thesis sentences. Outlines (minimum 13 topic sentences w a minimum of 4 bullet points each) due printed out at start of class T. Note: I'm available to stay after school every day. I stayed after on Friday as I announced in class, no one stayed with me, sadness.
Tuesday: continue activity.
Thursday: hw 30.4
Friday: hw: turn outline format into paragraph format over weekend.

Week of 3/21/2016
Monday: Bring in your printed out 10 topic sentences.
Tuesday: Debrief from Friday, What was the Weimar Republic, what happened and what went so very wrong?
Wednesday: Setting the stage for WWII.

Week of 3/14/2016
Monday: printed out bibliography due at start of class! work on topic sentences. Mao!hw: work on topic sentences
Tuesday: hw: 30.3
Wednesday: in class silent written argument!
Friday: your primary source document... nevermind that, ELECT THE NAZIS!

Week of 3/7/2016
Monday: discuss research questions that you brought in, divide into groups for research project. Russian Research Project
Tuesday: Create research argument. begin to find sources
Wednesday: decide how you are going to demonstrate your research.
Thursday: collaborate!
Friday: project due, start of class, 40pts. hw: annotated bibliography due M. printed out!!!!

Week of 2/29/2016
Monday: topic due in open ended question format. Must be typed into doc.
Tuesday: no school
Thursday: assembly
Friday: bibliography due firstsecond third fourth fifth hw, bring in 3 ?s you have about some aspect of your reading, the Soviet Union, anything. We will be doing a mini research project next week on these questions so make sure you are really curious about these questions.

Week of 2/22/2016
Monday: hw: 29.4
Tuesday: 14 hw: word web w 20 items, items can be anything, primary source document, quote, idea with citation, web site w reason it looks useful, etc. etc.
Wednesday: word web due. bring in on a piece of paper, all other things get turned in on your doc.
I will not be in. You will trade printed out papers, constructively comment all over each other's, and trade. Do this at least once, twice is best. Please leave charts on my desk with the names of the reviewers on them as well as the name of the creator. hw: 30.1
Thursday: link
Friday: link hw: topic due in open ended question format.

Week of 2/8/2016
Tuesday: map 1 hw:29.2
Wednesday: map 2 linkhw 29.3
Thursday: video

Week of 2/1/2016
Monday: ppt
Tuesday: three topics due emailed to me in a google doc titled with your name
Wednesday: hw link Come in ready to argue, whose fault was it for starting WWI?
Friday: silent argument writing

Week of 1/25/2015
Monday: discuss research paper and topics
Tuesday: activityhw 29.1
Wednesday: hw: reading
Thursday: topic ideas
Friday: hw: think and research ideas for topics! topic selection questions

Week of 1/11/2015
Monday: Muralist activity due. work on games
Tuesday: work on games.
Wednesday: finish games and trial run!
Thursday: play games. work on profiles midyear facebook
Friday: play games

Week of 1/4/2015
Monday: assign review board games. board games hw: 28.3 quizlet review
Tuesday: quiz 28.3 and begin work on games
Wednesday: work on board games hw: 28.4
Thursday: quiz on Mexico vote on midyear exam. Option 1: Create 4 profiles at home, day of test make 5 posts from each of these (20 total) on other people's walls in order to make friends, establish enemies, etc. Option 2: take home essay plus 100 multiple choice questions, in socrative but no immediate feedback.
Friday: Mexican muralist activity games are due next W.

Week of 12/21/2015
Monday: notes on Japan ppt hw 28.2 and Midyear Review
Tuesday: quiz compare and contrast China/Japan
Wednesday: holiday traditions!

Week of 12/14/2015
Monday: quiz and notes EMPIRE
Tuesday: ppt.28.1
Wednesday: quiz
Thursday: notes
Friday: video

Week of 12/7/2015
Monday: hw: 27.3
India ppt
hw: 27.4
Friday: hw: 27.5

Week of 11/30/2015
Monday: discussion shapes this week. ppt imp
Tuesday: hw: 27.1
Wednesday: ppt hw: 27.2
Thursday: no school
Friday: primary source document and poem

Week of 11/23/2015
Monday: begin imperialism. (the only day we ever mention Aus or NZ) plus quiz
Tuesday: no hw over Thanksgiving.

Week of 11/16/2015
Monday: compare and contrast writing from video on Friday. hw: begin outline of Was the Industrial Revolution worth it?
Document based question
Tuesday: in class writing due F. hw: 26.1 Victorian era
Wednesday: notes notes on the Victorian era.
Thursday: discuss what is going in in France and with Isis
Friday: in class finish paper. submit it in google docs by end of class. Minimum 7 paragraphs. hw 26.2
imperialism ppt and watch crash course before T.

Week of 11/9/2015
Monday: work on project
Thursday: record your project and finalize everything including bibliography in Chicago Turabian.
Friday: project due at start of class. In class, child labor in Victorian England to compare contrast two column big idea notes due M.
Week of 11/2/2015
Monday: Before/During notes on IR hw: 25.3
Tuesday: in class: primary source doc analysis activity and writing.
Wednesday: Child Labor Project begins
Thursday: hw: 25.4

Week of 10/26/2015
Monday: begin Industrial Revolution.IR ppt hw 25.1
Tuesday: notes and get ready for speed dating
Wednesday: speed dating hw: 25.2
Thursday: writing quiz, discussion
Friday: assembly line activity

Week of 10/19/2015
Monday: work on project in class. hw 24.4
Tuesday: in class Revolution in the Arts due before you leave for 15pts.
Wednesday: hw: bring in your article printed out.
Thursday: in class peer review articles and extras. get organized!
Friday: Newspaper project due at end of class.

Week of 10/13/2015
Tuesday: In class Map of Europe post Congress of Vienna: map Please label France, England (which includes Scotland, Ireland, and Wales), Russia, Papal States, Piedmont, German Confederation (look at the inner and outer lines), Ottoman Empire, Kingdom of Two Sicilies, Sardinia, Sweden, Norway, Austrian Empire (includes Bavaria, Hanover, lots of other nations), Netherlands/Holland, Corsica, Tuscany, Prussia, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and Denmark. The map part of Italy is hard to read, please consult your texbook or link
Please label cities: London, Paris, Prague, Frankfort, Amsterdam, Gibraltar, Athens, Rome, Buda, Pest,

hw: get sleep and do well on the PSAT!
Wednesday: read at least three of the Grimm Fairy Tales OR read about a whole bunch of them here: link linkHow would hearing the story you read inform a young person about the world around them? Who were the enemies, who might they represent? Who were the heroes and what was good about them?
Thursday: Franco Prussian War
Friday: graphic organizer due. Stages of Revolution 70pt project due next Friday

Week of 10/5/2015
Monday: Haitian paper due at start of class. Activity with that. no hw.
Tuesday: Nationalism! hw: bring in images that represent your personal nationalism. Don't forget your motto!
Wednesday: activity in class no hw.
Thursday: continue notes link hw: 24.3
Friday: no homework over weekend.

Week of 9/28/2015
Monday: we will try to google hangout with a former student who is working to help Syrian refugees in Turkey Some articles she has written, plus pics another pic and info
Tuesday: quiz and ppt
Wednesday: hw: 24.2 link
Thursday: in class quiz and notes.
Friday: in class activity on Haitian Revolution. HW: In a five paragraph essay, argue why your person's idea for Haiti's future is best. You may use quotes from the packet as evidence. Please bring it in printed out to the start of class.

Week of 9/21/2015
Monday: backing ourselves up with facts! hw: 23.5
Tuesday: quiz, finish list. no hw.
Wednesday: no work.
Thursday: Syrian Civil War
Friday: hw 24.1

Week of 9/13/2015
Monday: in class postcard #2 to your mom, update her on what happened in 23.3. Large postcards on the cart if you want. Please finish for hw if not complete
Tuesday: notes on Stages of the French Revolution no hw.
Wednesday: quiz. notes on Napoleon hw: 23.4
Thursday: Napoleon.
Friday: in class video and notes

Week of 9/8/2015
Tuesday: discuss/review how to take notes. hw 23.2
Wednesday: in class postcard. Write home to your mom from Paris explaining what is going on, include 10 historical facts and a drawing for your dear Mere. finish for hw if not complete.
Thursday: no hw
Friday: in class round table press conference!!! hw 23.3

Week of 8/31/2015
Monday: What are we doing here? What are the big questions? hw: Join this wiki, the code is DTJDKRK. Not in class, pay attention in class.

Tuesday: Get books/forms. hw: look through
Scientific Revolution ppt and come in with three questions (written down ready to hand to me).
Wednesday: What is the job of government and where does political power come from? hw: read Ch 23 section 1 (or 23.1) ppt 23.1 ppt
Thursday: I wonder when your first pop quiz will be? hw: Watch this video. (yes, they talk fast, but it is worth it!) and take notes. FYI, Tuesday night's hw: read 23.2