Welcome to Honors World History! (renamed "How to win arguments" class)

This is the place where you can find all information about assignments and activities, please check it at least daily.

Here is a link to your textbook: New link to each chapter Please make sure you scroll down to the correct chapter and section.
Here is a Turabian bib generator: eturabian
How to do Chicago/Turabian link link link citations VIDEO!!!! on how to cite. Another video how to do Turabian citation (part 1)
Sample Turabian paper (good for footnotes, not topic) link another link
How to insert footnotes in google docs link
Bloom's Taxonomy This is pretty much how to process deeply. Are you a bottom dweller or moving up?

Week of 10/17/16
Monday: link to notes on the 1848 revolutions. hw: 24.3
Tuesday: Italy and Germany notes.
Wednesday: Stages of Revolution due next TH in class or for out of class due F read at least three of the Grimm Fairy Tales OR read about a whole bunch of them here: link linkHow would a person then in Germanic speaking areas hearing the story or stories read to them inform a young person about the world around them? Who were the enemies, who might they represent? Who were the heroes and what was good about them? EXC up to 10pts!
Thursday: work on your project
Friday: work on your project

Week of 10/11/2016
Tuesday: link and 13:28
Wednesday: Nationalism, please take your crest and attach, i have tape on my desk (staples don't laminate) your images. Anything you didn't bring you can draw. Images that represent you and what you are proud of. What flag would you wave if you marched in a parade? Underneath or within, try to come up with a mantra or slogan, something short, that sums up you and your images. Not a long quote, super brief. Then, on the back, explain why these images and words represent you. How do they work together or contradict one another? Do you think they are similar to or different from any other person's personal crest? The more that you put on it, the easier the write up is. Conversely, the less you put on it, the harder.
Thursday: hw: 24.2
Friday: quiz on 24.1 as well.

Week of 10/3/2016
Monday: Work on 5 paragraph essay. 1. intro w/ thesis 2. other big mistake 3. primary source w/ analysis 4. analysis of impact of mistake 5. conclusion (no new info)
Tuesday: bring in hard copy. no hw. Congress of Vienna Activity
Wednesday: Congress of Vienna hw. 23.5
Thursday: personal crest

Plan of the week 9/26/2016
Monday: notes on Napoleon hw: 23.4
Wednesday: notes on N.
Thursday: What was the biggest mistake that Napoleon made?
Friday: no hw.

Plan of the week 9/2016
Monday: Design your perfect new French Govt 50 pt project
Tuesday: How do you unify the former members of the three estates into your new France? (what is nationalism?)
Wednesday: Answer your guiding questions.
Thursday: Museum walk and voting.
Friday: actual museum walk!

Plan of the week 9/2016
Monday: Get out your notes! What was important? What wasn't? hw 23.2
Tuesday: in class postcard! no hw!
Thursday: postcard response in class hw 23.3
Friday: quiz, postcard #2, no hw. next week....what is your ideal society/government?

Plan of the week:
Tuesday: Get to know each others' names..., join the wiki.
Wednesday: Get books/forms. hw: look through Scientific Revolution ppt and come in with three questions (written down ready to hand to me as you enter the room).
Thursdday: What is the job of government and where does political power come from? hw: read Ch 23 section 1 (or 23.1) ppt 23.1 ppt
Friday: I wonder when your first pop quiz will be? hw: Watch this video. (yes, they talk fast, but it is worth it!) and take notes. FYI, Monday night's hw: read 23.2