You are going to create a wanted poster for Louis XVI. Paper, colored pencils, markers are here for you to use or print out a picture at home.

This is a paper/colored pencil assignment due Friday.

Please draw or print out a picture of Louis XVI. Underneath you will create a list of reasons why he is in trouble with the Third Estate.

Here is a sample:
|| Wanted:
of France

Drawing here

1. Indecisive, ignores problems until it's too late, pays more attention to his weath and fame than his country.
2. No patience for economic issues, spends time on himself rather than discussing growing problems.
3. Pays little to no attention to his own government officials, neglecting their input on how to manage spending, tax, and social decline among the 2nd and 3rd estates.
4. He and his wife Marie antoinette, use government funds to purchase clothes, jewels, and gifts, they put large amounts of money toward gambling; causing debt.