You can find your role and information with great links in the project section at the top of the page.

Using the information, please fill out the following questions on your handout or copy and paste this and fill out on your iPad.

Industrial Revolution WebQuest

__ My Role (Job)
What I learned about child laborers who did my job during the Industrial Revolution:
Where did you live?

How did you dress?

What did you do at work? (list from wake-up to bedtime)
wake up at:
start work at:
were there any breaks? why and when?
what time did work end?
was there any time for school, for you to get an education that coud help you get a better job?
how many days a week did you work?
what did you do on your day(s) off?
where did you get your meals, how did you pay?
where did you sleep?

The best thing about my job, why:

The worst thing about my job, why:

What was your life expectancy?