Your country is in shambles, devastated in some kind of ways by WWI you have to figure out what kind of government you want to build. What you are going to do is not research, but figure out how you five would answer these big eternal questions. You can do things differently, this is a totally hypothetical situation, but you have to work within historical parameters, as in you can't just end famine or pretend people get along...

You are the government and have some power, in your group of five you need to work together to determine answers to these complex questions. If the answer seems easy to find, then you probably haven't fully answered it.

What is the job or role of government? (this one will take some thought...)
What should happen if the government is not doing what is in the best interest of the people?
How should the economy be made to recover and function?

Country A: Large, with minerals and coal, not industrialized, lost many men during WWI before you pulled out because the Bolsheviks took over your government. After the White Army (Czar supporters) made a brief run for it, the Czar and all of his family were killed, so no chance for a return to the past. How will you, the Bolsheviks get all of the different ethnic groups of the Slavic people to work together to modernize? Remember that 76% of your military was killed in WWI and that was before the Revolution took tens of thousands more lives.

Country B: Moderate sized European country, industrialized, but destroyed during WWI, almost 60% of the men in your country were killed or permanently maimed in the war. You are getting reparations from your next door neighbor, whom you blame entirely for the terrible decision that all of Europe made to join WWI. You haven't have a King in over 100yrs and have had a representative democracy for most of that time, but occasionally the people turn to strong-men...with tragic results. Socialism is popular with the poor, and many are poor. All are annoyed with the government who led the disastrous war efforts. How will you rebuild?

Country C: A large chunk of the former Ottoman Empire, you are suddenly no longer part of the empire, but find yourself loosely under control of a European empire. Loosely because you have limited resources, no industrialization, and are generally not their top priority. What you do have are three different ethnic groups who strongly dislike each other (putting it mildly). What kind of government are you going to form? Who will lead, how, what will you do with the power to lead your country whose borders were drawn by others with no consideration that you all dislike each other intensely?

A: Nick, Jill, Saliba, George, Div
B: John, Shane, Emily, Chandler, Gonzo
C: Zach, Josh, Bridgette, Minji, Tyler