French Revolution Letters

Letter #1, the Moderate stage of the revolution. You are writing a letter or postcard from Paris to your parents at home in the countryside of France. In your letter home you should update them about what is going on in Paris. Your card will include what you want your parents to know about. You are working hard, but the political and economic turmoil in the city is overwhelming. Please include 5 of the following terms in your postcard:

-The Moderate Stage (1789-1792)
-Formation of The National Assembly (1789)
-Tennis Court Oath (1789)
-Fall of The Bastille (1789)
-Great Fear
-Women’s March on Versailles (1789)
-Declaration of the Rights of Man (1789)
-Constitution of 1791
-Invention of The Guillotine (1791)

Letter #2 for the second stage of the revolution, the Radical Stage. Please include all of the following events in your postcard as though you have joined the revolution and are seeing these events transpire before your eyes. You will draw something that you have seen. Your parents are so grateful to be informed about what is happening in the big city of Paris while they are at home in the countryside.

-The Radical Stage (1793-1794)
-Rein of Terror
-Execution of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette (1793)
-Constitution of 1793
-Robespierre Comes to Power Under the Committee of Public Safety (1793)
-Thermidorian Reaction and Fall of Robespierre (1794)

Letter #3 for the third stage of the revolution The Directory, when Napoleon takes over. You have fought as one of his soldiers and consider him a hero. Tell your parents all about him and how he says he is going to lead France out of these dark years of terror and fear.
-The Directory (1795-1799)
-Napoleon Overthrows Directory and Becomes First Consul of The Consulate (1799)