The Jibs
The year is 4076 C.E.

Your people, the Jibs, have been peacefully existing on the planet of Gorzab for over a century. While you are not an advanced society, you have the means of production necessary to live a comfortable life.
Smellick, a naturally occurring mineral, is abundant in your city, which has been the source of wealth for many of the Jibs. The control of the trade of Smellick has made the Jibs the envy of many, particularly those greedy hot shots living in the planet to the north of Gorzab, known as Bleck.
The inhabitants of Bleck have recently become introduced to the magical healing powers of Smellick and the demand for its ability to decrease aging lines is limitless. Within the past five years, the Bleck have promised Gorzab military protection, in exchange for a promise that only Bleck may have the ability to trade with Gorzab for Smellick. Since the neighboring planets are desperate for Smellick, the Jibs believed this to be a fair trade.
Recently, however, more and more Blecks have moved into Gorzab and established their own Smellick mines. They have enslaved some of the people of Gorzab in order to maintain the mines. The Jibs are becoming anxious about further Bleck influence and believe their culture is at risk. The Bleck believe the personal beauty and wealth are the most important part of life, whereas the Jib’s main focus is on the strength of their community. The Bleck are ruining the basis of Jib society, but their military power is too advanced for the Jibs to overcome.
Over the next 100 years, the Bleck continue to take over more and more aspects of Jib culture- movies, food, political leaders, and moral value. In order to gain more power within the new Bleck society, many of the Jibs have sold out and assimilated into the Bleck patterns. The Jibs who remain loyal to their ancient roots have begun to refer to these “traitors” as, “Blibs.” Though the Blibs look like the rest of the Jibs, their actions reflect their new preference for the Bleck culture. The Jibs just get poorer and poorer because they refuse to be part of the Bleck culture. They cannot get into the schools, they have to work for less money and in less desirable jobs (in the Smellick mines), and they have no say in how Gorzab is run. Some Jibs are starting to act in rebellion against the Blecks and Blibs, and they are looking for ways to get freedom for Gorzab.

Questions to consider, discuss answers with your partner:
  • What do the Blecks want?
  • What do the Blibs want?
  • What do the Jibs want?
  • What is the root of this conflict?
  • Why are things so screwed up in Gorzab? Why is there so much inequity, tension, and conflict?