What modern propaganda do you see the US govt. putting out? Hint, not just during campaign seasons. The govt. wants you to sign up for FAFSA, get vaccinated, pay your taxes, prevent forest fires, visit national parks, not drive drunk, go to state schools, go the speed limit, don't litter, adopt foster children, wear seat-belts, call the mayor about pot holes, get your car inspected, get a passport, eat healthily, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

Use the google to go find some of these! You need to find three different examples, and they need to not have already been posted by someone else.

Then log into this site (remember how?) and post the links. Title them exactly what they are.

Then go and comment on other people's propaganda, the questions that need to be answered are:
who is the specific audience (be more precise than "Americans") and how are they being appealed to? Does the image appeal to patriotism? does it appeal to love of children? nature? fear? Do this for 5 images that you did not collect.

In a separate response post give your opinion on if the image was effective or not and why. Do this for 5 images that you did not collect.

This should be complete by Friday night.

Sorry that I'm not there to pester you, the pink eye is getting nasty and is quite contagious so, you are welcome.