The research paper is a chance for you to explore a topic from the time frame of this course that interested you, but we do not necessarily have time to cover in-depth in class. The complete paper will be due on 4/13/17.

Examples and full explanation will be given for each step, if you do every step well and on time, you will earn 200 pts before you even turn your 200pt paper in, those who leave the work until the end will not earn these process points and will struggle to finish the paper. This is your chance to shine, find a topic to explore that you will enjoy. This is a 400 point assignment split into 200 process pts on term 3 and 200 process pts on term 4. 200 plus 200 equals 400.

1. For 1/27 Bring in three possible topics that you have clearly put thought and research into and sharing your doc with me. Be able to discuss each of the ideas with another student. Explain why each topic is interesting to you, etc. 5pts

2. For 2/6 Narrow down your three choices to one general argument subject area, which will be submitted via google docs. In class you will verbally be explaining and defending your choice of argument topics in a "Shark Tank" style, students and I will be throwing questions and issues at you, be prepared, you may bring in notes! 10pts
(Then you have vacay to think it over, and get some resources collected...go to the library, or go online and request ILL.)

2. For 2/24 a word web of information for your argument topic is due. 10pts for on time and fully developed with the form. (a web should have at least 20 legs coming out from the topic, each has a fully developed idea )

3. For 3/7, a specific topic will be submitted in open-ended question form. After this point, no dramatic topic changes in topic are possible, so make sure you have done your research. 10pts for on time written down.

4. For 3/10, a bibliography of at least five sources must be submitted in alphabetical order using Chicago/Turabian format, at least two of those sources must be print format books. 15pts for on time and complete. Encyclopedias may not be used in any format.

4.5 A primary source document You will be finding and using at least one primary source document in your research paper. Date TBD 5pts.

5. For 3/14, an annotated bibliography for at least seven sources you have found useful for your project must be submitted using Turabian bibliography format. Your one paragraph (or min 4 bullet equivalent) of comments on the book/ website/video/article will go beneath the bibliographic entry for each source. Include page numbers or you will have points deducted and have to find them later! You need at least three books on this list unless you have permission because your topic is too modern. 20pts for on time and complete.

6. For 3/21, Ten complete topic sentences (think about how each will eventually have a min of 3 bullet points of (cited) Point Evidence Analysis below each topic sentence for the outline), with your form. 40pts for on time and in-depth.

7. For 3/24 Your thesis sentence (road map for your paper). 15pts for on time and complete. No questions or quotes permitted.

8. For 3/28, Fully fleshed out outline of your paper (min 13 topic sentences plus a min of 4 bullet points per topic (not including -thesis and conclusion) will be submitted with the form. 70pts for on time and complete.

Your outline should include complete sentences for each bullet point and those sentences should be cited when needed. Please restate quotes when you need to. No more than one quote per paragraph. Any quotes or facts/evidence need to be fully analyzed and contextualized.

9. For W 4/13, your final paper of 12 full pages (17 max). All work typed, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12pt font, normal margins, no headers or footers, just follow Turabian rules. .

Twelve full page count does NOT include bibliography and Turabian format cover page with your name and paper title. Paper to be turned in with your form. 200 points. Yes, that is right, you earn 200 pts for the process and 200 pts for the actual paper. Rubric