Here is a google doc template: link
Online template link here: fakebook.
Or you can use construction paper, just follow the instructions below for whichever format you choose that makes it look like an actual fb profile.

Here are the sections you will create at home

Pictures: You need to find or create a minimum of 5 images for your person/event/place. Please put the url of the website underneath the image or at the end in your bibliography.

Lifespan: During what time period did you exist?
Your: religion, location, political ideology, and what were your major accomplishments? Some of these things might not be important, if not, leave it out, your call.

Friends: From the list for our final, select a minimum of 6 friends.
Who would have been your friends? think about why? You may not go strictly by nationality or physical attributes. Political or religious ideologies are way better unifiers (or dividers). Sure, you might be thinking, "but Stalin doesn't have 6 friends." Good, you understand Stalin. "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer..." Anyway, you need to find 6 "friends for the creation part of this assignment and have them clearly labeled. (during the exam you will go through and accept or defriend each other...)

Relationship status: sorry, Rasputin is not on the list. But do include yours.

Posts: Step 1: You are going to make five posts (per historical figure) that share important events or ideas that your person/event/idea would have been thinking about. These are in complete sentences and need to be relevant, accurate, and in character in order to earn points. (so essentially this final is just like Model UN) The length should be at least a paragraph, that means 4-6 sentences. Yes, you are long-winded old folks who don't really understand how facebook works, fair enough, most of you were alive in the 18-1900s! Note:
Unlike facebook, maximum of two original posts can be made on each wall (just so everyone can't beat up on Hitler or whoever) so if two other individuals have already posted there, you are out of luck and need to write a new post elsewhere. Sure, people can get into back and forth battles on threads, but those do not count towards your original post count (though of course they will help your grade if you stay in character and make great points). If you are doing your posts ahead of time, think about posting on less well known people's walls. If you are the third person to put a post, your post counts for 0 points. The is so that no one is overwhelmed with replies that they have to do. Remember to initial your paragraph with your own initial.

Step 2: Then you are going to REPLY to each posts that are made on your wall. You will reply by taking a marker or pen and writing underneath the post. This will be done in a full paragraph and will respond to the original post and also demonstrate understanding, relevance, and stay in character in order to earn points. For all replies make sure your initials are with your writing.

Step 3: Create a group and invite people to join it, one of your characters must be a member. Explain the point of the group and why these specific folks were invited. This will be on the white board. The groups cannot be based solely upon nationality or physical attributes of individuals. Political or religious ideologies are way better unifiers or dividers. Individuals will either accept or decline membership by writing "accept because..." or "decline because..." under their name.

Step 4: Accept or decline group invitations. This is a bit of a process. You have to circle around to see who has invited you to join what group.

Step 5: Check all of the fb profiles and see if you were listed as a friend. If you were, you must decide if you would have indeed been their "friend" based on political, social, religious, ideological, principles etc. (don't worry too much about time frame) If you accept their friendship, put your (yes, your personal) initials (small) right next to your person's name. If you do not approve, draw an x over their name or face and initial (your own) small right next to the name. Be prepared to verbally defend your decision(s)

Step 6: Upon completion of all of the above: and you might just need some time to rest and wait for group invitations to get going or whatever, please feel free to complete the political ideology spectrum. But once you start it, you may not look at the facebook profiles, and you must turn in the spectrum before you go back to the activity.

Step 7: May really be done at any time in the process. The map.