final stuff

Traditional Option:
-Take home exam to be used with review terms.
-80 MC questions, map section, political spectrum labeling

Museum Option:
I will select many artifacts, paintings, posters, etc. You will create a museum exhibition by selecting 11 artifacts.
You will create a title, theme, and list of questions for elementary students to ask who go to your museum on field trips.
You will be evaluated on your demonstration of: creativity, understanding of connections, and demonstration of knowledge.

FB Option:
-Take home 4 names of people and create FB pages for them according to assignment
-At start of exam period answer map section and political spectrum labeling
-During exam post on other peoples' walls and form groups.

FB Page Details: 100pts total per "page" each page is for one person.
Here is a good google doc template to use and here is an OK google doc template: link
Online template link here: fakebook. Note, do your own work
Or you can use paper, just follow the instructions below for whichever format you choose.
Remember that you need to leave room at the bottom for others to comment on your "wall."

Here are the sections you will create. (notice that the theme is 5 here)

Pictures: You need to find a minimum of 5 images for your wall. Yes, you need a profile pic! Image choice is worth 15pts. Please put the url of the website underneath the image or at the end in your bibliography.

Status Updates: Have 5 posted before the exam to help others know all about you. Each of your status updates must include a vocab term from the review list or a vocab term from your notes. Yes, you can go for humor here, but it isn't what earns you points. Status updates relevance and demonstration of understanding of your person 15pts.

About: What time period did you exist?
What was your religion, location, political ideology, nationality, and other major accomplishments?

Accuracy of info and ability to select only the most important data 15pts.

During the exam you will go around and make 4post on others' pages as each of your 4 people. To clarify: each of your people will make 4 posts total. 10pts for each post.

Each of your people will make a group for others to join. You will go around and join at least 2 groups and explain in your post on that group page why you joined. 15pts for creating your group and joining 2.

Remember, don't give yourself friends (that is lame) they find you during the exam!
Please leave space for friends to post on your wall.
I will give you a "group" page to tape up and for people to join according to your title and description that you write on the page I give you during the exam.