Welcome to Honors World History! (renamed "How to win arguments" class)

This is the place where you can find all information about assignments and activities, please check it at least daily.

Here is a link to your textbook: Link to the etextbook Please make sure you scroll down to the correct chapter and section.
Here is a Turabian bib generator: eturabian
How to do Chicago/Turabian link link link citations VIDEO!!!! on how to cite. Another video how to do Turabian citation (part 1)
Sample Turabian paper (good for footnotes, not topic) link inserting footnotes in google docs link
Bloom's Taxonomy This is pretty much how to process deeply. Papertimeline. Search smarter, not harder.

Week of 6/12/2017
Monday: 90s
Tuesday: 90s
Wednesday: prepare for economic crisis, Your country is going to bring a proposal to the table TH or F. You need to email it to me well in advance of class. This is worth 10 of the 30 points for the final session. How will you get it to the floor? How will you get other people to vote on it, will you combine with others? What are the big issues, what do you have in common with who?
any questions regarding final exam? 70 multiple choice questions on a device, a map and primary source documents all from throughout the year to interpret and write about.
Thursday: 2007-17
Friday: 2007-17

Week of 6/5/2017
Monday: continuation as needed, then research time.
Tuesday: research time. crash course global perspective
Wednesday: Energy Crisis simulation all class.
Thursday: continued if needed final quizlet
Friday: research time. Watch crash course end of Cold War know about Apartheid in South Africa, collapse of USSR, first Gulf War, Unification of Germany, Spread of HIV/AIDS, instability in former colonies in Latin America and Africa.

Week of 5/30/2017
Tuesday: First country sheet due by end of class. In class hw: research
Wednesday: Second and third country sheets due at end of class. hw: research
Thursday: Fourth and fifth country sheets due by end of class. hw: prep for first session by watching Crash Course..
You need to know about: Cold War, MAD, and the Korean War, how does your country stand on each topic?
Friday: First session!

Week of 5/22/2017
Monday: quiz on 32.4 work on tweets.
Tuesday: work on tweets hw 32.5
Wednesday: rebuilding after WWII all of WWII, we are at the end.
Thursday: finish tweets. hw: 33.1
Friday: quiz Modern UNpersonal research link to page you will fill out for 5 countries

Week of 5/15/2017
Monday: work on project and notes hw: 32.3
Tuesday: quiz, notes ppt
Wednesday: work on project hw: 32.4
Thursday: quiz, notes
Friday: work on project in class! Get at least 40 tweets done. Some of you need to go back and reply to others' conversations....

Week of 5/7/2017
Monday: quiz on Japan invading China, in class begin "Tweeting WWII" project" hw: 31.4 decide what the four most important parts of the section were, plus your notes,
Tuesday: quiz on aggressor nations 31.4 hw: 32.1 repeat
Wednesday: hw 32.2
Thursday: no hw!
Friday: no class, have a great time at Prom or have a wonderful time not spending money! Either way, be safe!

Week of 5/1/2017
Monday: quiz, begin reading article Answer the following questions in complete sentences: 1. What are the characteristics of facism and why specifically were Italians drawn to them after WWI? 2. How was Mussolini able to come to power in Italy? 3. Why is war vital for facism to exist according to Mussolini? 4. Using the Venn diagram, fill in the characteristics of capitalism, fascism, and communism to show how they are similar and different. Finish for hw or in class.
Tuesday: begin activity
Thursday: Reichstag elections of 1936 hw: what happened? why? what motivated you to vote the way you did? were you surprised by the outcome, why or why not? explain.
Friday: In class Japan invades China. ppt hw: Stop reading at the discussion questions

Week of 4/24/2017
Monday: back to China! Mao! hw: 30.3
Tuesday: continue with China and propaganda! hw: 30.4
Wednesday: India! World's largest democracy, how did she get to be this way? India ppt
Thursday: Southeast Asia, and the Middle East or a continuation of: When Europeans draw lines and the locals who were never pleased with Imperialism and yet don't really like each other that much either are firmly expressing their displeasure with Europeans' continued presence.
Friday: you knew that would take more than one day ppt. Hw: reading Why was WWI important? come in ready to discuss.

Week of 4/10/2017
Monday: continue peer review :hw make revisions from peer review.
Wednesday: 12 full pages not including cover page or , Times New Roman, in Chicago Turabian format
Thursday: PAPER DUE!!!! 1 day late, 20% deducted. 2 days late 40% deducted, etc.

Week of 4/3/2017
Monday: now you have a bare minimum of 8 paragraphs completely transformed. So now we work on analysis! link to how to do this hw: two more paragraphs revised
Tuesday: making your argument hw: two more paragraphs revised
Structure your essay by organizing the main points in your argument.
  • Ask yourself: In order to understand the validity of my thesis statement, what does my reader need to know first? second? third? fourth? etc.
  • For each point, what is the most effective supporting evidence and is it in the paper?
  • Do your topic sentences connect back to the thesis and does evidence in the body paragraph back it up that topic sentence?
  • Explain the connection between your examples and your thesis/argument.
  • Are the connections between your facts and analysis present and clear?
  • Read your draft out loud to catch mistakes and make sure you are saying what you mean to say.

Wednesday: commonly made mistakes in writing. hw: two more paragraphs revised -if needed
Thursday: hw: read what you have out loud to yourself and then PRINT IT BEFORE CLASS!!!!
Friday: bring in rough draft for peer review. Peer review will continue long 1 Monday. Peer Review Form

Week of 3/27/2017
Monday: Russia under Stalin notes -hw: 13 topic sentences with 3 or more bullet points per topic sentence.
Tuesday: outlines due,MUST printed out before you get to class! worth 70pts and must be fully fleshed out to earn the full 70pts. Reminder that the final paper is due the 13th of April. That is the day before April vacation. If you are leaving early, you will need to turn it in early. You don't want to work on a paper over vacation. I will get them to you the Monday we are back.
hw: 30.2
Wednesday: quiz on 30.2 work on how to do footnotes Chicago style
Thursday: hw: turn two of your topic sentences/paras into fully fleshed out and cited paragraphs. Keep doing this in the same doc that you shared with me so that I can see your progress!
Friday: hw: turn four of your topic sentences and bullet points into fully fleshed out and cited paragraphs over the weekend. Have this done before class M.

Week of 3/20/2017
Monday: work on topic sentences.
Tuesday: Topic sentences due! Ten complete sentences, printed out. If you didn't get full credit you can work on your sentences and keep turning them in to earn full credit! Please do this! I want you to earn full 40 points! I hope you do too!
Wednesday: back to Russian Revolution! hw: 30.1
Thursday: quiz on 30.1 hw: 30.2
Friday: quiz on 30.2

Week of 3/13/2017
Monday: work on exhibits.
Tuesday: if not snowing, annotated bibliography is due. This just means that you need to have opened each of your sources and write a few bullet points or a paragraph about what is useful in it. Page numbers or parts of the website are always important so you don't have to retrace your steps. Trust me, I've wasted so much time trying to find something I thought was too obvious and then later couldn't remember where I had found it.
Wednesday: project due at the end of class. Hung up on walls.
Thursday: Museum due at end of class.
Friday: Discussion about topic sentence and go over exemplars for topic sentences due the 21st.
working with your primary source document that will be integrated into your paper. Link to example paper, including bib on Purdue Owl

Week of 3/6/2017
Monday: continue Russian Revolution! ppt! hw: research paper! working on the research question that you want to answer... and your bibliography, in Turabian. See timeline for dates.
Tuesday: Question due. WWI museum begins!.
Wednesday: work on museum
Friday: bibliography

Week of 2/27/2017
Monday: WWI activity linkhw: web for research paper
Tuesday: bring in a hard copy of web.
Wednesday: quiz on 29.3 link
Thursday: was WWI inevitable? why was it the first world wide war?
Friday: Russian Revolution in class hw: work on your question and collecting resources for bibliography!

Week of 2/13/2017
Monday: snow
Tuesday: WWI
Friday: remember Papertimeline. Search smarter, not harder.

Week of 2/2/2017
Monday: Shark Tank! no hw!
Tuesday: finish Shark Tank: hw 29.1

Week of 1/30/2017
Monday: quiz on Mexican Revolution finally!!!! link to Mexico notes!
Tuesday: hw: 27.5
Wednesday: work on topics.
THursday: get ready for group meetings.
Friday: get ready for shark tank on the 6th.

Week of 1/23/2017
Monday: Topics hw: come in with 3 possible topics written down
Tuesday: Topic selection questions hw: 28.3
Wednesday: activity. Mexican Muralist
Thursday: brainstorming. quiz on Mexican Rev M and 3 topics due F.
Friday: notes. HW 28.4

Please go through grades on aspen and turn in anything missing. Missing grades will turn into 0s Friday the 13th (doesn't that sound ominous?) Do check M, not F.
Monday: Work on games.
Tuesday: Work on games.
Wednesday: Work on games.
Thursday: Play games!
Friday: In class essay component (don't worry, it is designed to bring UP your grade) You can use your notes, this is why you keep a 3 ring binder for the full semester.

Tuesday: China! ppt hw 28.1
Wednesday: notes on China.
Thursday: Midyear quizlet board games midyear review term list hw: 28.2
Friday: Japan

Monday: Fall of the Ottoman Empire finally your quiz will be tomorrow! 27.3
Tuesday: no hw
Wednesday: India ppthw 27.4
Thursday: India!
Friday: Movie

Monday: quiz on Berlin conference. map in class map from book in class labeling map of Africa after Berlin Conference.
Tuesday: hw: 27.2
Wednesday: White Man's Burden White Man's Burden Post notes
Thursday: no hw
Friday: EMPIRE hw, post your stanza of White Man's Burden above. 27.3 hw M night.

Monday: begin imperialism! notes on the Victorian era. hw 26.1
Tuesday: Life in Victorian England Webquest activity start Victorian Era Questions to answer hw 26.2 watch crash course by TH.
Wednesday: imperialism ppt TH:discussion: Why did England think that they were better than everyone. What evidence did they use to argue that they were?
Thursday: in class discussion
Friday: change of plans b/c of absences... in class imperialism notes on Africa, hw 27.1

Monday: in class type up your script, together. Yes, you must work together using your research. No, you may not leave the room to print or go to the library. It is a small class. Focus. You will practice your taping T and video W. If you need more time you can get together on TH at the public library. Get your bib organized if you have your script totally finished. If you think you have your script finished, go back to the questions and make sure you are fully answering as many of them as you possibly can.
Tuesday: practice your taping. To get all your info in you are going to be around 10 minutes. Make sure you answer most questions, all that are relevant to your country. Be empathic, get your bibliography organized as well. If you are fully ready and rehearsed you can use this class to do your videoing.
Wednesday: Videoing. or adding in the extras if you haven't already. Like images for your broadcast.
Thursday: no school
Friday: watching other groups' projects and learning about child labor from them in class. Projects all posted here.

Monday: UN Rights of the Child summary

Monday:.IR ppt hw. 25.3
Tuesday: in class: primary source doc analysis
Wednesday: child labor in Victorian England hw 25.4
Friday: Child Labor Project begins

Week of 11/7/2016
Monday: speed dating! hw: From your inventor's perspective please answer these questions in a 5 paragraph essay.
Who would your ideal collaborator be and why do you want to work with them?
How did they change the industrial revolution?
Why was the industrial revolution such a change from a pure farming lifestyle?
What were some of the new tools that changed the lives of people in the western world as a result of industrialization?
Tuesday: no school, sorry you can't vote. Try to influence adults!
Wednesday: I usually spend half the night waiting for a parent to stop by, tell your folks it is a great time to chat with me, or just email, gould@bpsk12.org
Thursday: Conferences, please let your parents know my email is gould@bpsk12.org if they want to come in to see me or just chat from time to time about you, world events, whatever.
Friday: Veteran's Day

Week of 10/31/2016
Monday: arts
Tuesday: Franco Prussian War
Wednesday: assembly line activity! hw: 25.1
Thursday: what did it mean to industrialize? how was the world going to change?
begin Industrial Revolution.IR ppt
Friday: in class finish dating profile and notes on 25.2. You have long block use it wisely!!!!

Week of 10/24/2016
Monday: timeline and stages done, be able to defend your choice of stages and compare to French Revolution.
Tuesday: Have your articles begun, titles, dates, be careful about tenses, collect sources into bibliographies, Chicago Turabian Style is a MUST.
primary source documents, find them together to avoid redundancies!
Wednesday: Get organized! For your article what were the defining events, people, goals and what ultimately led to the factors of its failure or success? Include quotes and citations in your bib. You chose this as a stage, prove its importance! Please watch your tenses. This is all in the past. Every article has a date and a byline. You need a peer to proofread your work! You should read it out loud to yourself first to spare yourself the shame...
Thursday: All is DUE! no hw.

Week of 10/17/16
Monday: link to notes on the 1848 revolutions. hw: 24.3
Tuesday: Italy and Germany notes.
Wednesday: Stages of Revolution due next TH in class or for out of class due F read at least three of the Grimm Fairy Tales OR read about a whole bunch of them here: link linkHow would a person then in Germanic speaking areas hearing the story or stories read to them inform a young person about the world around them? Who were the enemies, who might they represent? Who were the heroes and what was good about them? EXC up to 10pts!
Thursday: work on your project
Friday: work on your project

Week of 10/11/2016
Tuesday: link and 13:28
Wednesday: Nationalism, please take your crest and attach, i have tape on my desk (staples don't laminate) your images. Anything you didn't bring you can draw. Images that represent you and what you are proud of. What flag would you wave if you marched in a parade? Underneath or within, try to come up with a mantra or slogan, something short, that sums up you and your images. Not a long quote, super brief. Then, on the back, explain why these images and words represent you. How do they work together or contradict one another? Do you think they are similar to or different from any other person's personal crest? The more that you put on it, the easier the write up is. Conversely, the less you put on it, the harder.
Thursday: hw: 24.2
Friday: quiz on 24.1 as well.

Week of 10/3/2016
Monday: Work on 5 paragraph essay. 1. intro w/ thesis 2. other big mistake 3. primary source w/ analysis 4. analysis of impact of mistake 5. conclusion (no new info)
Tuesday: bring in hard copy. no hw. Congress of Vienna Activity
Wednesday: Congress of Vienna hw. 23.5
Thursday: personal crest

Plan of the week 9/26/2016
Monday: notes on Napoleon hw: 23.4
Wednesday: notes on N.
Thursday: What was the biggest mistake that Napoleon made?
Friday: no hw.

Plan of the week 9/2016
Monday: Design your perfect new French Govt 50 pt project
Tuesday: How do you unify the former members of the three estates into your new France? (what is nationalism?)
Wednesday: Answer your guiding questions.
Thursday: Museum walk and voting.
Friday: actual museum walk!

Plan of the week 9/2016
Monday: Get out your notes! What was important? What wasn't? hw 23.2
Tuesday: in class postcard! no hw!
Thursday: postcard response in class hw 23.3
Friday: quiz, postcard #2, no hw. next week....what is your ideal society/government?

Plan of the week:
Tuesday: Get to know each others' names..., join the wiki.
Wednesday: Get books/forms. hw: look through Scientific Revolution ppt and come in with three questions (written down ready to hand to me as you enter the room).
Thursdday: What is the job of government and where does political power come from? hw: read Ch 23 section 1 (or 23.1) ppt 23.1 ppt
Friday: I wonder when your first pop quiz will be? hw: Watch this video. (yes, they talk fast, but it is worth it!) and take notes. FYI, Monday night's hw: read 23.2