Week of 6/15/2015
Monday: watch Ghosts of Rwanda, finish reading through ch 10 (quiz tomorrow) email me three open ended discussion questions for T.
Tuesday: quiz and discussion.
Wednesday: pick one open ended question to answer in outline or paragraph form, back your answer up with evidence from the book and or maps that you made. The submotto of this class is making arguments (and backing yourself up with evidence), so do it!
1. Was Paul an "ordinary man" why or why not, explain.
2. How was the Rwandan genocide caused by imperialism in East Africa?

See you Friday for the final exam. Please do NOT forget your 4 facebook page profiles.

Week of 6/7/2015
Monday: quiz on ch 4 maps outline due. discussion of geography and such. no hw
Tuesday: in class watch video, answer handout questions. hw read ch 5
Wednesday: quiz on 5 hw read 6
Thursday: ch 7 and 8
Friday: book should be read through ch 10 by Tuesday start of class. Facebook Final People fb final rules I will give you notecards for making posts on T. Just focus on making the actual pages (not that any of you would ever focus on the wrong part of the project...)

Week of June 1st
monday: check out An Ordinary Man from BHS library.
tuesday: blizzard bags due today. video from class on history behind Rwandan Genocide hw ch1
wednesday: quiz ch 1 hw ch2
thursday: quiz ch 2, hw ch3 review terms final options
friday: quiz ch 3, hw ch 4 hw: label imperialism in Africa map with a color coded key (ps: you have already done this before) and outline Africa and the political boundaries on the modern map onto the transparency.

Week of 5/26/2015
Tuesday: quiz and vocab hw: blizzard bag
Wednesday: ppt quick review of Korea and Vietnam (slide 22) hw: blizzard bag
Thursday: hw 33.4
Friday: quiz and more on the world after the war. hw: blizzard bag!

Week of 5/18/2015
Monday: in class pick your top three reasons to drop the bomb and back yourself up with facts.
Tuesday: Chart paper argument due at end of class. 30pts hw: 33.1
Wednesday: How does the world rebuild and reorganize? hw: 33.2
Thursday: Mao
Friday: hw: 33.3

Week of 5/11/2015
Monday: quiz on 32.2 video on Russia
Tuesday: hw 32.4 finishing WWII
Wednesday: quiz on 32.4 hw: 32.5
Friday: enjoy prom!

Week of 5/4/2015
Tuesday: Holocaust
Friday: 32.2

Week of 4/267/2015
Monday: ppt hw31.3
Tuesday: 31.4
Wednesday: quiz in class and chronology of start of WWI in E: when do you think that the start of WWII was inevitable?
Thursday: in class discussion, defend your point on the timeline! hw: 32.1
Friday: quiz!

Week of 4/13/2015
Monday: Stalin obituary due plus your money so we can feast. Why was that so challenging to write? (aside from your brain being fried?) hw: 31.3
Tuesday: what is the appeal of Fascism?
Wednesday: Italy and Japan begin WWII and no one notices. Why? Snow day work ppt
Thursday: Mao! link

Week of 4/6/2015
Monday: peer review in class. hw: revise paper (please see above links for Turabian style tips!)
Tuesday: hw: revise paper
Wednesday: hw: revise paper
Thursday: PAPER DUE! at the start of class. Times New Roman 12pt, 10 full pages minimum not including cover page or bibliography.
Friday: Stalin! assignment after viewing Stalin bio. Hw if now completed in class. link to entire Man of Steele

Week of 3/30/2015
Monday: start out with 31.2 quiz and then Social Darwinism discussion. hw: turn your outline into a paper
Tuesday: hw: turn your outline into a paper
Wednesday: In class, work in progress hw: turn your outline into a paper.
Thursday: in class activity! hw: print out paper double spaced for peer review.

Week of 3/23/2015
Tuesday: 75min of going over outlines. hw: 31.1
Wednesday: see you after lunch. What WWI did to everyone...
Thursday: last period for 35min. hw: Outline due Friday
Friday: outline due! hw:31.2 last quiz of term 3! woot woot!

Week of 3/16/2015
Monday: 10 topic sentences due T.
Tuesday: topic sentences due today. hw: 30.4 and just for something to check out Polish soldiers this weekend getting ready in case Russia invades them...
Are sentences complete?
Too broad? Too narrow? (Goldilocks phenomenon)
Could it be two different sentences?
What do you want to know more about the topic?
Wednesday: India! Gandhi
Thursday: video on Ottoman Empire partition. Middle East.
Friday: Work on thesis sentence in class. Continue to work on topic sentences. hw: 4 bullet points (cited) below each topic sentence plus 4 additional topic sentences for Tuesday... Pro tip: cite along the way so that you aren't hunting for where you found that info later...

Week of 3/9/2015
Monday: question of the week: what is the job of government? hw: annotated bibliography
Tuesday: annotated bibliography due. in class work in groups Designing your country
Wednesday: continue this endeavor.
Friday: practice topic sentences! PIE!!!!! hw: 7 topic sentences due T

Week of 3/2/2015
Monday: search smarter! and eventually we get to Russian Revolution psd hw: 30.1 and 30.2
Tuesday: in class, more Russians! hw: bib due W. Paste it into the already submitted doc.
Wednesday: bibliography of a minimum of 5 sources due. Look above to see the format for Turabian bibliography.
Thursday: 30.3
Friday: Modern Propaganda in class assignment to be posted in class, due by Friday night to get credit. Have fun.

Week of 2/24/2015
Monday: ppt of images hw: 29.4
Tuesday: word web due
Wednesday: Russian Revolution notes begin
Thursday: I was wrong, performance is FRIDAY, topic is still due F, we will meet in classroom. How long will you sit in the auditorium in the dark...
Russian Revolution psd
Friday: topic due in open ended question form on the same doc. go to performance in auditorium.

Week of 2/9/2015
Monday: no school
Tuesday: topic discussion
Wednesday: notes hw 29.3
Thursday: share a google doc with me with your topic. This google doc will be the one doc that you use for all things going forward for this paper.
Friday: quiz. enjoy vacay. Get going on your research paper!

Week of 2/2/2015
Monday: no school
Tuesday: no school
Wednesday: in class alliance simulation link
Thursday: quiz on 29.1 hw: 29.2 (note that I found a new site for the textbook, link is where it has always been) ppt and crash course!
Friday: quiz and 5 written down topics for research paper due! Have them written out as a question.

MIDYEAR EXAM REVIEW QUIZLET these are all of your terms. You may use this list for your take home essay.
Week of 1/26/2015
Monday: gave exams back. Thanks for doing the math for me! Scores will be entered tomorrow.
Tuesday: EMPIRE essay
Wednesday: finish up your essay and go outside and play!
Thursday: Mexican muralist activity hw: 28.4
Friday: quiz on Mexico! research paper topic topic thoughts hw 29.1

Week of 1/12/2015
Monday: keep working on China, discuss protest in Paris this weekend. hw: 28.2 Japan
Tuesday: Meiji psd and notes on Japan ppt link
Wednesday: hw: 28.3 (no surprises here)
Thursday: maps
Friday: take home essay. options

Week of 1/5/2015
Monday: Monday activity w/ partner hw: 27.4 INDIA
Tuesday: quiz and notes on India. India ppt hw: secondary source reading on India questions to think about, why didn't the Indians prevent England from taking over and how did the British use Indian society to control India?
Wednesday: discuss these questions. Write an in-class essay. no hw.
Thursday: begin China 28.1
Friday: quiz and China notes ppt. review terms Discuss midyear options... (if we have extra time earlier in the week, this can happen earlier)

Week of 12/22/2014
Monday: finish up primary source docs, label map, no hw over break. Get lots of sleep and rest up for WWI, your research paper, WWII, the Rwandan Genocide, and beyond!
Tuesday: holiday traditions.

Week of 12/14/2014
Monday: map due. White Man's Burden
Tuesday: finish poem, look at Nigerian newspaper and brainstorm themes/topics/impact of imp. hw: 27.3
Wednesday: the Ottoman empire is still crumbling.
Thursday: hw: 27.5 (not a typo, India after vacation!
Friday: quiz, extra credit for those doing Christmas in the City.

Week of 12/8/2014
Monday: immigration papers due (ha, get it!?) so no homework! in class activity!
As your country, mark up your map:
1. What land do you want? (sure, you want it all, but is that possible?)
2. Who else wants it?
3. How can you take and keep it? What will be the issues in doing that?
this week, work on imperialism ppt and watch crash course on your own time.
Tuesday: notes begin hw: 26.2
Wednesday: quiz, hw: 27.1
Thursday: in class map! quiz.
Friday: finish map and discuss. hw: 27.2

Week of 12/1/2014
Monday: discuss your findings, chart out where, why, and when. (P.V. indefensible, vague, and consistency) hw: 26.3
Tuesday: quiz 26.3. Immigration policy at the point when a family member of yours arrived. Who was allowed in to the US then, who was not, why? Where were they coming from and why? Immigration resources in class research, collect data, primary and secondary sources this time. Begin DREAM analysis, complete handout for hw.
Wednesday: Discuss the DREAM act. Immigration Essay Assignment. hw: (begun in class) collect and then organize 5 primary or secondary sources that back up your position.
Thursday: at home, draft outline for your minimum 5 paragraph essay on immigration to the US today. hw, due in class F: finish writing 5 paragraph essay. BRING IN A PRINTED OUT COPY please!
Friday: in class peer review of immigration essay.

Week of 11/24/2014
Monday: hard copy of final draft and written up draft. hw: 26.4
Tuesday: 26.4 quiz hw over Thanksgiving is to find out when your family came to the US. For some this is really easy, for others, you have 4 grandparents or 8 great grandparents...You need to take notes and figure out approximate years. We will be doing a project on immigration; unless you are 100% Native American, you are also an immigrant, find out from where, when, and why...if you can.
Wednesday: no class, see you Monday with your family immigration history.

Week of 11/17/2014
Monday: outline due, if in doubt, consult OWL with any formatting issues. Talk about topic sentences and write some! quiz on 26.1 moved to Tuesday because I gave you too much hw at once.
Tuesday: quiz on 26.1 notes
Wednesday: hw: 7para essay due
Thursday: 7+para essay due shared with me, worth 50 pts. Bring in a printed out copy to class, you may not use class time to print. Trade papers with your assigned partner, peer review each other's work writing directly on each other's paper. This reviewed copy must be returned to the author before the end of class. They need to be able to read and understand what you suggested. hw: revise your paper. Link to peer review.
Friday: you have classtime to continue to work on revisions, ask your reviewer for more feedback. I will not be in class, (history teacher convention, be very jealous) but your final draft will be finished by the end of class, I can see the timestamp on your google doc.

Week of 11/12/2014
Wednesday: pro con list of industrial revolution. Pick your side. hw: 25.4
Thursday: quiz. How to back up an argument...or write an awesome essay essay. p&c IR
Friday: Document based question hw: 26.1
Week of 11/3/2014
Monday: discuss primary source documents and how to find them.
Wednesday: how to google. hw:
Thursday: IR ps docu portfolio due Fri.
Friday: IR primary source document portfolio hw: hw reading. be prepared to discuss on M.

Week of 10/27/2014
Monday: continue IR ppt notes. hw: 25.2
Tuesday: no class
Wednesday:IR primary sources portfolio begins. Document template hw: speed dating profile
Thursday: speed dating activity.
Friday: crash course hw: work on IR portfolio and 25.3

Week of 10/20/2014
Monday: in class thesis sentence writing activity. Get pumped!
Tuesday: activity and reflection writing (what happened and why) for hw.
Wednesday: IR ppt read and notes on 25.1
Thursday: IR and primary source documents.

Week of 10/14/2014
Tuesday: in class work on posters
Wednesday: recovery from SAT, work in class as much as you can.
Thursday: project due at start of class. In class evaluation. hw: bring in images that represent you (teams like Celtics, your favorite music, foods, pics of friends/fam, sports you play, religion, whatever is really important to you and should be on your personal crest).
Friday: getting pumped about the industrial revolution!

Week of 10/6/2014
Monday: notes on G in class, no hw
Tuesday: q on arts (24.4) and questions. art activity begins. no hw
Wednesday: quiz that we meant to take yesterday....and begin the Revolution Recipe partners will be picking their topic and beginning the work: (Haitian independence, Greek war of independence, Belgian revolution, Venezuelan war of independence and the First and Second Republics of Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Gran Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, unification of Germany, unification of Italy) 100pt project.
Thursday: design project rubric and work on recipe.
Friday: work on project over weekend. You will have time in class on M. Project due Th.

Week of 9/29/2014
Monday: quiz on 24.2, finish up Bolivar and Co notes and move on to notes on nation building. no hw.
Tuesday: culture video or Dr. Seuss Butter Wars discussion, if good, no hw.
Wednesday: ppt link! and if you were a flag/crest/anthem, what would you say? hw: 24.3
Thursday: no hw.
Friday: in class notes!hw over the w.e.: 24.4 plus bring in 3 questions you have about the reading. This will now be standard.
next week begins the Revolution Recipe (Haitian independence, Greek war of independence, Belgian revolution, Venezuelan war of independence and the First and Second Republics of Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Gran Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, unification of Germany, unification of Italy.)

Week of 9/22/2014
Monday: in class Syria French Revolution comparison. hw: if you had your own personal crest, brainstorm what would be on that crest. Come in with ideas written down.
Tuesday: hw: 24.1
Wednesday: ppt on LA.
Thursday: Begin map. Label (all on pg 685 in all caps) and draw borders: Brazil, Cuba, Haiti, Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico, Uraguay, United Provinces of La Plata, Bolivia, Chile, Gran Colombia, British Honduras, United Provinces of Central America, Argentina, Mexico. or use internet: scroll down a bit to the map
Friday: in class finish map, take notes on 24.2, expect a very rare quiz on M.

Week of 9/15/2014
Monday: rise of Napoleon! hw: 23.4
Tuesday: letter 4 due W. positions for discussion assigned.
Wednesday: round-table discussion (20pts) Is Napoleon a hero or villain according to the ideals of the Enlightenment? begin, Syrian Civil War hw: 23.5
Thursday: Scotland election! tomorrow: activity comparing Syria today and the French Revolution.
Friday: in class research, discussion on M.

Week of 9/8/2014
Monday: What questions do you have? Begin French Revolution 23.1 ppt hw: read and notes 23.2
Tuesday: notes and discussion. no hw. (expect quiz W)
Wednesday: link to stages of revolution stages letter writing activity begins...
Thursday: notes and discussion hw: 23.3
Friday: letter writing continues, 3. M:hw:23.4

Week of 9/2/2014
Tuesday: What are we doing here? What are the big questions? hw: Join this wiki. Please make your username kind of like your actual name. Also, remember your password because I cannot recover it. (Don't laugh, people ask me for theirs all the time.)
Wednesday: Get books/forms. hw: look through Scientific Revolution ppt and come in with three questions (written down).
Thursday: Yertle the Turtle. What is the job of government and where does political power come from? hw: read Ch 23 section 1 (or 23.1) ppt23.1 ppt
Friday: hw: Watch this video. (yes, they talk fast, but it is worth it!) Monday night's hw: read 23.2