For this research project you will be working with two partners.
The groups were randomly generated:

Jaan, Shailin, Kerri, Madison
Syed, Sophia, Cody, Elise
Alec, Akshita, Emma, Mike
Coleman, Jenny, Olivia, Marissa

The goals here are to learn about child labor in one country TODAY and create a digital news cast presentation to tell the story of child labor in this country.

You will be doing research into a situation where child labor is going on in the world today. Your research objectives are to answer the relevant questions listed below and to collaboratively create a presentation with your answers. Projects must be submitted digitally with a full and formatted bibliography (history dept rules).

You will be creating a video documentary that informs your audience about child labor today in the country of your choice. You need to let the audience know where your country is, what is going on in the country in regards to child labor, what the children are being used to do, and what is being done about it if anything. You are also going to connect it to the UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child, explaining what that document is, how it relates to the situation in your country and what can be done internally or externally to help the situation for children there who are child laborers. Please include relevant facts. All of your group must participate on camera.

Child labor defined: link
Per capita income defined: link
Bibliography format: check Turabian as your option on the right
Country information: world factbook website maintained by the CIA that has all the information that you need about your country.
Map of child labor infractions all over the world: link

Questions you will be looking for the answers to in order to start your research:

In regards to your country:
    • What is the literacy rate of your country?
    • What is the avg age of marriage for males and females?
    • What is the life expectancy there? What is the infant mortality rate?
    • What is the average size of families or how many children do most women give birth to?
    • What is the per capita income for your country?
    • What type of government does your country have? (be careful and precise here)
  • What are typical jobs that children work? (what are the products that they are making as well)
  • What is their avg age for starting work?
  • Why are children used for this kind of work?
  • Why do families send their kids to work?
  • How does this violate the UN's Convention on the Rights of the Child?
    • did your country sign this convention, why or why not?

  • What would have to happen for child labor to end in this country?

Digital presentations will use Touchcast touchcast app, in the newscast version. You will come into school on Friday with it downloaded.

Countries: Myanmar (Burma), Pakistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, China, Philippines, North Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, India

Rubric for grading, each participant earns their own grade: Components, you determined the values.
Bibliography in Turabian (project not accepted without it)

1. Research to answer all of your group's questions. Keep a bibliography of your sources! download TouchCast from the app store (free) at home.
2. Write a script for your newscast that answers the above questions. The questions can be answered in any order, your goal is to collaborate to create a smooth report that makes sense to your viewers. Not all questions/answers have to be included, just relevant ones to your position on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and what would have to happen for child labor to end in this country.
3. Copy and paste your collaboratively created script into TouchCast with your group.
4. Video yourselves (you choose what configurations, but everyone must be in it if you want to be graded). Edit it. Your final work should be seamless.

Information: 30pts To earn the full 30pts, all information must be accurate and up to date. All relevant to your country questions must be answered.
Synthesis: 20pts To earn the the full 20pts, there must be excellent evidence of taking the information and working with it to create the newscast.
Collaboration:10pts To earn the full 10pts, there must be excellent evidence of all group members working together to create a seamless newscast with all members participating, editing, and working together, on topic in class and in video.
Creativity and Aesthetics: 10pts To earn the full 10pts, the final product must be an informative and interesting newscast that is clear, understandable, visually appealing, and well edited.