The Cultural Revolution was a time of great fear for many in China.

Those who had money or land were blamed for all of China's problems. Those who had nothing (most of China) were told that violence was the answer. Most people were illiterate so propaganda posters were very important in communicating ideas to the larger public. These posters would be put up in post offices, public spaces, schools, anywhere that lots of people would see them.

You are going to go to a website that has a collection of posters and through this assignment, you will pick 4 that you think are interesting or just grab your attention. For each poster you are going to paste the image and your response to the questions into an online page that you can turn in. You can use sundrynotes or dropbox or notepad, whatever you like, even an email. Mr Ladd and I just need to be able to see the 4 posters and read your answers.

Questions to be fully answered for each poster after you paste the poster into your document:
1. What is the title of this poster, when, and why was it made?
2. What is the message in this poster, what is it supposed to make people think or feel?
3. What groups of Chinese people are the target or intended audience for this poster?
4. What are the important figures or symbols in this poster? What makes them important?
5. Do you think this poster did a good job of reaching Chinese people during the Cultural Revolution, why or why not?