Person Interviewed:
1. How old were you at the start/end of the Cold War?
(1945 – 1989)

2. Did you serve in the military during the Cold War? If so, where and for how long? If you were overseas, how were you received there?

3. What is your most vivid image of the Cold War? Can you explain what you think the Cold War was about to me?

4. Can you explain the US policy of containment of communism in Korea or Vietnam to me?

5. Describe your memories of a divided Germany and the Berlin Wall? Why was the wall constructed?

6. Who do you remember being the “bad guys” and who were the “good guys”?

7. What else do you remember about the Cold War? Were you ever worried or afraid that there might be a nuclear war between the USA and the Soviet Union?

The purpose of this activity is to gain personal (primary source) reflections on the Cold War for our study of the Postwar World from 1945 to the Present. Please explain your assignment with the person you interview, and ask their permission to use their answers in class. Anyone who was an adult (21yrs old) by 1989 really experienced the Cold War. If the person you first ask about the cold war can’t answer your questions, find an older person.

Please thank the person you interviewed! Make sure it is OK for you to use their story in history class.