In this project, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette are dead, the Committee of Public Safety is over, but Napoleon has yet to crown himself Emperor. France is sort of frozen...
You know you want something inspired by Montesquieu (3 branches of government to check each other, legislative, executive, judicial), and not anything like Robespierre, but how do you keep that from happening again?

And here you are to save the day!

How will you do it?

Your guiding questions:
What is the job of government?
Who are you more inspired by, Hobbes or Locke?
What kind of government do you want?
Do you trust your fellow man with the vote?
Your tasks:
Design a coin or bill that will please everyone. (The French Flag was already established during the barricades)
Write a Declaration of Intent to Govern Ourselves! Make sure that you list your rights and responsibilities in order of importance.
You will be creating these two items and then defending them verbally to other groups in a museum walk setting on TH.

Questions I suggest, pick whichever are most interesting to you, pick 2; you are creating 2 more of your own, you are writing all of these and answering them on the back of this page.

1. Are you more inspired by Hobbes or Locke and why?
2. How did you get all of the Estates to agree to this government?
3. How will you prevent conflict between the Estates in the future?
4. How will you prevent another despot from rising up?
5. Is the job of government to take care of the people or to let the people do what they want, why?
6. Do you trust all men with the vote, why or why not?