Today in class you will be creating a graphic organizer or a work of art (your call) that visually explains three things:

1. Causes of Franco Prussian War (Why did the war start?)
2. Events during Franco Prussian War (Prussia under Wilhelm and Bismark taking over French controlled Alsace, Capture of Napoleon III and end of the Second Empire and the Third Republic)
3. Results of Franco Prussian War. (The unification of Prussia into Germany, The beginning of France's Civil War -Paris Commune- and establishment of France as a democracy, finally)

Graphic organizers are organized, written information that visually shows either themes, chronology, or some important aspect that the author (you) choose to depict. It is not simply a timeline, it is a Venn Diagram or a flow chart or anything that organizes information visually.

An art work is something visual that depicts an important aspect of the Franco Prussian War and demonstrates that the author/artist (you) understands the causes, events during, and results of the Franco Prussian War.

Due Friday. Here is a great source of info: link