You are in a group of newspaper reporters, your job is to come up with a commemorative newspaper that chronicles the stages of the revolution that happened in your country. You will have a Name with a banner (like Boston Globe), timeline with stages marked, articles with headlines and illustrations, political cartoons, advertisements for important technologies, maps (for weather or reporting purposes), want ads, and anything else that you feel will help to fully document what happened in the revolution. This is a 70pt project.

Stages of Revolution/Unification that you will have articles on. Each article will have a date, headline and an image.
Fall of the Old Order: Revolutions can't happen if the leader is strong and the people aren't enraged. Why are they annoyed right now? (Bourgeoise, Creoles, wealthy farmers) This article will explain what fueled the revolution (who was peeved with whom and why).
Rule by Moderates: People relax because they think that all is well, but the first stages are rarely enough for the radicals and the conservatives will be scared/angry and want the old ways back. Make sure each group is identified, who are the conservatives, who are the radicals and how are they feeling about things during the revolution at this point.
the Terror: When people realize that there are still issues or if the moderates don't solve all problems (like food shortages) on day 1, people look for someone/a group to blame, things get violent. Explain what happened.
Turn from Radical Rule: People get tired of violence and fear, they are split between wanting the stability of the old order and a new thing that isn't scary. Which group wanted what?
Military Rule: Since a lot of leaders were killed during the terror, the military is who/what is generally left to rule.
Restoration: After the dictator/emperor/whoever is removed, there is a big hole (power vacuum). Gradually the calmness that existed before the revolution is restored, but with a new govt.

Each of you will put your name on each item that you create for the newspaper, but you will turn in one cohesive project. Your revolution might have skipped one stage or spend extra time in another. That is totally fine and normal. The first thing you will do as a group is to create a timeline of stages so that you all know what happened and what stages you are going to write about.

Note, this is much easier to aggregate online in a shared doc than to paste together in one heap at the last minute. Trust me.

As many people as there are in the group= how many total:
_political cartoons (commentary on a political situation, this one you need to make)
_total want ads (Wanted poster, personal/dating ads, lost and found, whatever)
_total advertisements (relevant tools, inventions, etc.)
_primary source documents that relate to the revolution in your country. You will each write up an explanation of what the primary source document says and why it was created.

Due dates:
All articles brought in Th, they need to be printed out for peer review.
All sources due by Friday, all articles due to be peer edited by M.
Final product due T by the end of class.

Mexican Revolution primary source documents photos large interactive museum exhibit more photos of people

Italian Wars of Unification link primary source documents

Gran Columbia/Argentina primary source documents exhibit (in Spanish, Chrome can translate)
Gran Columbia/Venezuela primary source documents

Germanic wars of unification link primary source documents more psds

Haitian Revolution

Suggested steps:
Create rough timeline collaboratively
Figure out what stages of revolution were which, or if your revolution followed a different pattern
Divide up who is writing what article. You must do this so that you don't write the same article
Divide up who is doing what extras