You and your group are going to create an exhibit on WWI. You will be selecting artifacts, both specific and general, that explain what happened during the war at a specific juncture. You will need to do research on your topic before selecting your artifacts because you can only have few items and they can only have an index card explaining what they are and how they were used to tell the story of what happened. Therefore you must research, discuss, and choose carefully.

Marissa (?) Emma, Sophia, Jaan
Shailin, Cody, Mike, Elise
Kerri, Madison, Syed, Alec
Olivia, Coleman, Jenny, Akshita

Topics to choose from:
The Christmas Truce link
Trench Warfare (British, German, or French troops)
Dogfights in the air link
How the war impacted the Lost Generation of writers
Spanish Influenza link
The Eastern Front (Russian or German troops)
China's role in WWI link
Russian Revolution

You will choose a minimum of 10 items for your exibit.
Five can be generic, that means "a German soldier's uniform typical for 1916" and you can find a generic image or sketch it or even leave us to our imagination if you have to.
Five must be specific, that would be a specific artifact where you find a photo of the actual item.
For all items you will create an index card that clearly and concisely tells the story of that artifact and why it has been chosen to weave together the story of the event or narrative.

To do this successfully you need to work collaboratively to balance out the exhibit.
Point distribution: Cohesive artifact selection 20% Creative artifact selection 30% Accurate and interesting write ups 30% Attractive presentation 10%