There are several ways to create your facebook pages, pick one that works for you. Remember, if you come in with fb pages that are incomplete in any way, you will be taking the multiple choice exam and your incomplete pages will be graded as your take home essay portion. No pages will be accepted without a bibliography.

Here is a google doc template: link
Online template link here: fakebook.
Or you can use paper, just follow the instructions below for whichever format you choose.

Here are the sections you will create. (notice that the theme is 5 here)

Pictures: You need to find a minimum of 5 images for your person/event/place. We suggest searching google image. Please put the url of the website underneath the image or at the end in your bibliography.If you are a country make sure that a map shows who your neighbors are. You can "tag" them. Do make sure that the url you use is the one for the website of the picture, not google search.

Friends: For the page you are creating to bring to the exam, you may not include anyone/anything on the list for the exam, think of who else would have been your friend? Be able to defend your choices. You will list 5 friends, events, ideas, again, they may not be on the list for the exam.

Identification: What time period did you exist?
If you are a person, what was your religion, location, political ideology, and major accomplishments?
Person (Religion, Politics, Location, Major Accomplishments)
If you are an idea, where did you come from, who came up with you, who supported you, why?
Idea (Location, Creator(s), Supporters, Reasons for support)
If you are a place, what are the religions, political ideas, and economic ideas of your people? What are your natural resources?
Place (Religions, Politics, Economy, Natural Resources)
If you are an event, what happened, who was there, what happened beforehand to cause you, what were the results?
Event (What happened, Participants, Causes, Results)

Posts: You need to have five posts that share important events or ideas that your person/event/idea would have been thinking about. These are in complete sentences and need to be relevant in order to earn points. The length should be at least a paragraph, that means 4-6 sentences. These posts are really important because they are what other people are going to be reading when trying to figure out if you would have been friends, enemies, or nothing to each other. Please include new information (if your birthday is in your identification section, don't also use it in a post.)

Here is a Model:

Louis XIV
(then 5 images of him and things related to him that are all cited)

Friends: Czar Alexander of Russia (both absolute Monarchs)
Emperor of China
Charlemagne (creator of France)
French Language

Religion: Catholic, but took authority away from church so that he could collect more taxes.
Politics: Conservative, Monarch, Absolute monarch
Location: Paris, France
Major Accomplishments: Sun God, leader of France, built palace at Versailles, bankrupted country of France