Final Exam options for 2016

You must choose one of these for your final exam. Sorry, you cannot mix and match.

1. Take home essay that will include 15 terms from the quizlet. This take home essay is a creative writing speech that is mostly designed to make you study/review for the 100 multiple choice test. The quizlet is link The MC test is self explanatory and will be on socrative so bring a charged device. You will not be receiving feedback.

2. Museum curators are people who search the world for artifacts that educate the public about an idea. Your job is to pick a theme that excited or interested you this year (Such as the struggle for suffrage, technological advancements, etc.). Then you are going to pick twelve artifacts from around the world (one for each time period and two extras) that will educate viewers about your theme effectively. You will be evaluated on your clarity and depth of understanding. Every artifact should be clearly photographed or on video, and have some sort of identification tag with creator, time frame, etc. You can print it out, have it in prezi, ppt, whatever you like, the day of the final you are going to be doing an in class writing explaining how your theme is illustrated through your artifacts. Your artifacts must represent peoples from around the globe. The time periods are Age of Absolutism, Revolution, Industrialism, Imperialism, WWI, Interwar Period, WWII, Cold War, Decolonization, Modern Era. Please include a bibliography of sources used.

3. You are writing a dialogue with Paul Rusesabagina, he wrote about how obsessed Rwandans are with their history. How would he address a class of high school history students? What topics would he most want you to study in world history and why? He would not tell you simply to study history, he would tell you a story about that time period that explains why the period was important. Please write the new final chapter of An Ordinary Man and in this fictional discussion with Paul have him explain what you think he would say to high school students about world history, about the important periods from the Age of Absolutism till now, giving specific events that are important and why people should study about them and learn from them. I believe that Paul would of course cite his sources in Turabian format and that he would tell at least 10 compelling stories about real people and events. Will they be the most famous people? Probably not. He is still alive and lives in Texas. Here is a lengthy interview he did with Oprah for inspiration.