Midyear board game: the purpose of this is to review and organize yourself for the midyear exam.
The exam will include all of the content we have explored together this year. Here is a quizlet to help you study: link it isn't totally comprehensive, but pretty close. The exam includes primary source documents to interpret, no essays, you are doing that beforehand, but this activity will help you to organize and connect everything, seeing time periods and remembering names that you haven't seen in awhile.

Your groups:
Jaan, Syed, Alec, Coleman
Shailin, Sophia, Akshita, Jenny
Kerri, Cody, Emma, Olivia
Madison, Elise, Mike, Marissa

The board: The board for your game will work like the "Game of Life" or a timeline. It will go in chronological order and needs to be rather long to get through a lot of history and use lots of cards. You need to think about how people will progress along this board, how they will get points, land, inventions, whatever it is that you think is important. These are the choices you need to make to earn creativity points and to make the process creative and help players learn the content.

The cards: Cards will be divided up or made in any way that you want, but they must be on paper and legible. All answers must be correct. Think "Trivial Pursuit" or "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" There should be categories. All of the vocabulary terms from the review list will be incorporated into your review games. You may not simply print out the quizlet terms (or write them out) that I have given you. You must put them in your own words. This list might not be definitive, go through your notes, see what has been missed. Let me know what mistakes I've made.

Pieces: how will each player be represented? Think carefully and be creative.

Moves: How to people win? How do they move forward? with dice? a spinner? is there money to win or lose or inventions or raw materials, or colonies?

Points will be earned:
Board: 5pts -outstanding creativity and attractiveness to earn full 5pts
Pieces: 5pts -relevant and appropriate pieces to earn 5pts
Cards: 40pts -full use of all terms accurately to earn 40pts
Creativity: 10pts -easy and enjoyable to play to earn 10pts, instructions must be crystal clear.